Sea-level pressure series used to define the NAO index

File format (Station pressure)
column 1 = year
columns 2-13 = calandar month (Jan to Dec)
data is in format(i5) (slp*10)
Missing values represented by NA (Not Available)
(Note: Divide by 10 for millibars (hPa)!)

Filename Size Description Period Source
nao_ice.dat 14 kbSLP at South-West Iceland 1865-1997 CRU
nao_azo.dat 11 kbSLP at Ponta Delgada (Azores) 1864-1997 CRU
nao_lisbon.dat 12 kbSLP at Lisbon (Portugal) 1864-1998 Jim Hurrell
nao_gib.dat 14 kbSLP at Gibraltar 1821-1997 CRU
You can download these files from here (right-click then select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As")
For more recent updates also refer to Tim Osborne's recent NAO update at the Climate Research Unit.


The sea-level pressure series are strongly correlated with temperatures in western Europe and explain a large fraction of variance in interannual temperature variations. More easterly stations such as Gibraltar give the strongest correlations with Central England temperatures in winter:

File format for CET
column 1 = year 
columns 2-13 = calandar month (Jan to Dec)
data is in format(i5) temperature*10
Missing values represented by ??

Filename SizeDescriptionPeriod Source
cet.dat 32 kbMonthly mean Central England temperatures 1659-1999 CRU

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