Publications: Climate Applications

Here are references to some articles that describe interesting applications of extreme value methods in the climate and related sciences. A short summary of each article is given in blue.

Heffernan JE and Tawn JA (2003) An extreme value analysis for the Investigation into the sinking of the M.V. Derbyshire. Applied Statistics, 52, 337-354.
Estimation of design failure probability using data from wave-tank experiments and hindcasts of typhoon conditions.

Katz RW, Parlange MB and Naveau P (2002) Statistics of extremes in hydrology. Advances in Water Resources, 25, 1287-1304.
A review paper focussing predominantly on covariate modelling with GEV and GP distributions.

Ramesh, N.I. and Davison, A.C. (2002) Local models for exploratory analysis of hydrological extremes. Journal of Hydrology, 256, 106-119.
Semi-parametric estimation of time trends in annual extremes and threshold exceedances.

Kharin VV and Zwiers FW (2000) Changes in the extremes in an ensemble of transient climate simulations with a coupled atmosphere-ocean GCM. Journal of Climate, 13, 2760-3788.
Comparison of return levels estimated for different periods using moment estimators for GEV distributions, spatial pooling and bootstrap confidence intervals.

Coles SG and Tawn JA (1994) Statistical methods for multivariate extremes: an application to structural design (with discussion). Applied Statistics, 43, 1-48.
Application of the Poisson process model for multivariate extremes to estimating the probability that sea level exceeds a sea wall.

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