Climate by definition is the statistics of weather. It therefore makes a lot of sense that climate researchers know something about the important subject of statistics. Hopefully, some of the links below might help some people to progress a bit further in this direction:

Some local help

Online stats help

  •  David M. Lane's HyperStat Online introduction to statistics
  •  StatSoft Inc.'s Electronic Statistics Textbook with brief comments on a wide range of topics from basic to advanced, including variance components, neural networks, multidimensional scaling and so on. The emphasis is on techniques rather than concepts or mathematics
  •  Steps is a glossary of terms aimed at the non-statistician, and covers most of the things on this course. This might be useful if you are having trouble with any of the basic terms or concepts
  • This is a slightly more advanced site, although it does cover all of the aspects of this course. It is quite comprehensive, although the search function is temperamental - the best way to find what you want is to check the full listing of topics
  •  This is actually a link site to many mathematical ans statistical resources. It has a vast number of references to other sites, the statistics pages are classified under probability & statistics.

Some online demos and courses

Online statistical tests

Official statistics

Other links

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