R software for CLIMate analysis

Climate analysis requires increasingly good statistical analysis tools. For this reason, we have developed this page to help fellow climate scientists learn more about the R statistical language, which we believe is one of the most powerful and flexible pieces of software for climate analysis. Furthermore, the software has the great advantage of being freely available for most computer platforms.

In 2005, we started the RCLIM initiative to write extra functions that would make R capable of most climate analysis needs (for example, graphics and file handling routines).

If you wish to contribute or be linked to the site, or have suggestions for how it can be improved then please contact us.

David B. Stephenson, Caio Coelho, Chris Ferro, Dag Johan Steinskog

  1. What is R?
  2. How to get started with R
  3. Existing R packages for use in climate analysis
  4. The RCLIM initiative
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